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The unexpected has become the norm in today’s volatile world, both at home and abroad. Being forewarned would be a helpful antidote, but as historic and recent events demonstrate, surprising developments are more likely to dominate headlines and impact daily lives and decisions by both government and business alike.

While no one possesses a perfect crystal ball, SocoSIX has unique use of a wide range of well-placed and experienced observers, including U.S. and foreign government operatives, throughout the world and at home who help us advise clients about potential flashpoints which might impact their commercial operations, welfare, and safety, while being in a good position to provide ‘behind the scenes’ insights into the nature of specific crises in the world.

SocoSIX will publish insights into domestic and international events which may be static, or ‘one-offs’; however, the more concerning are likely to be those which are evolving. Some of these will be updated in our monthly behind the scenes reporting, as warranted.

Clients having questions about a specific domestic or international concern are urged to direct their inquiry to SocoSIX Strategies Vice President Matt Anderson on or by phone on (850) 803-3730 for a timely response.



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